Hiện đang có 1 giải thi đấu Dota All Stars tại Singapore. Không biết anh em vOz có hứng thú tham gia không nhỉ?

Theo thông tin của BQL vOz thì các thành viên tham gia giải này sẽ được BQL vOz tài trợ về kinh phí khi tham gia giải (trọn gói hoặc 1 phần).

Lệ phí 1 người đăng ký là 75 Sing.

Nếu các bạn có hứng thú thì đọc sơ qua vài thông tin cụ thể như sau:

hxxp://asian.worldcybergames.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=33&Itemi d=39

General Rules and Regulations

Gamer Reporting Time

All participants are required to strictly follow the games reporting time. Participants who are late for more than 15 mins after game start will be disqualified.


All players must wear the official tournament attire at all times in the tournament area. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.

Minimum dress code should be T-shirts & Jeans/Pants with covered shoes. The following will not be allowed into the tournament area:

· Slippers

· Torn jeans

· Shorts

· Singlet

· Clothes with offensive designs.

Food and Drinks

No food and drinks are allowed in the tournament area at all times.

Equipment setup and testing

1) Players who bought their personal equipments are required to set them up in the fastest manner and no additional time will be allocated to the player to set up the equipments. Should the gamer fail to set up in time, the organizer will start the game without waiting for the player.

Players are only allocated 15mins to set up/warm up or test their equipments and game settings.

2) All players are responsible for their own equipments. Organizers will not be responsible for any property damage or loss during the course of the event.

3) Players are allowed to install their own equipment's driver but the driver software is to be uninstalled after the match. All drivers are to be transferred through USB ports via thumb drive or portable storage devices. No diskettes/CS are allowed.


All players must bring a valid identification card for verification purposes. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.

Unfair Play and Un-sportsmanship Conduct

1) Use of any map hack program

2) Intentional disconnection

3) Use of any settings exceeding standard and permitted settings

4) Abuse of any game bugs

5) During the course of any match, the operations staff and/or referee may determine other actions to be unfair play at any time.

6) Un-sportsmanship Behavior

Un-sportsmanship behavior displayed by any members of any team will lead to a warning of disqualification at the marshal’s discretion.

Unfair Game play may lead to a warning or game loss in which the decisions will be made by and not limited to the referee in charge. These rules are subject to modification by the organizers at anytime.

7) All mobile phones are to be turned off during matches. Any players caught using their hand phone will be disqualified based on cheating.

Broadcasting of Games during Tournament

1) The organizers have the rights to broadcast any of the games during the course of the tournament. Selected players for broadcasting are obliged to play wherever that the broadcasting is done.

2) Broadcasted players are required to have their head phones on with sound on at all times. Tournament marshals will ensure that.

Substitution Rules.

1) Substitution are to be made before the start of every match. No substitution will be allowed during the process of the game.

2) Only players who are registered can be substituted.

Marshal’s decision

Any decisions made by the game marshals will be the final decision. All participants are to respect the decisions made by game marshals or officials.

Injuries or Death

The organizer will not be held liable for any injuries or death suffered during the course and within the premise of the tournament.

Rules and Regulations


Competition method: 5 v 5

Match Length : Until the winner is determined

Match Point: Best of 1 match

Match Winner: The team who destroys the opponent’s throne/world tree first, or if the opponent surrender

Nationality Restriction: No nationality restriction for Dota All-Stars.

Game Settings

Version: 6.34 or later

Game mode: All pick (-ap)

Coin Toss

The match will begin with a coin toss and winner of the coin toss will get to choose:

(a) Sentinel/Scourge side of the map or

(b) the first hero selection from drafting

Hero drafting:

1) The team that starts off the drafting will have 30secs to decide on the 1st hero, after which next team also gets 30 secs to choose their 1st hero. This process is repeated until all the heros are selected.

Team that fail to draft within 30secs will have their draft chance given to the other team.

2) If any team is found to have any hero which is selected differently from what was decided earlier, the referee has to be informed immediately. Team which made the mistake of selecting the wrong heroes after game starts will be penalised (Warning or Game Loss).

In any situation when any team did not select their heroes according to what they have decided, referee will use the heroes selection list recorded to verify if that team is guilty of making the mistake. Then referee award warning or game loss if the team is found guilty of making the wrong selection.

Important Rules:

Team that chooses the sentinel side will host the game.

Team members are not allowed to change seats once DOTA map has started to load.

At the end of the match, players must maintain the final screenshots and receive confirmation from the referee. At the end of the game, replay has to be saved and named as RG_DOTA_TEAM1vsTEAM2 by the winning team leader or at least one of the team members. Failure to do so will cause the game to be void and no winner will be declared for that game.

Abuses & Exploitation:

1. Trees Trapping (Disqualification):

Trapping enemies in trees intentionally is not allowed.

2. Pooling (Warning or Game Loss):

No pooling of any sort is allowed. This means that items bought with a player's own money cannot at any time be carried by any of his teamates. Items bought with the player's own money can only be carried or sold by him. This rule only applies to players on the same team. Players can pick up items dropped by their opponents.

3. Pause Abuse (Warning or Game Loss):

During hero selection. From the point after hero selection process is completed, pausing without any valid reason is disallowed.

4. Creep Blocking (Disqualification):

Creep blocking is not allowed but creep slowing is allowed. Blocking here refers to the prolonged blocking of creeps to disrupt their usual path. (ie: Using Chen's creeps to block the entire entrance of the base for a long time.) Creep slowing means that you can stop the creeps from moving in their usual path for a few seconds. (ie: Using fissure)

5. Bugs Exploitation (Warning , Game Loss or Disqualification):

No Exploitation of any known old or new bug discovered during play. Explanations like "exploiting/activating the bug unknowingly", "we had no idea this bug existed" or similar excuses will not be entertained. Participants/Teams are expected to know what these are.

Examples of Bugs:

Earthshaker using “Fissure” to target out of the edge of the map. Results in a fatal error in some instances. Any players found doing this will be disqualified.

Black King Bar cannot be shifted or dropped. Any players found doing this will be disqualified.

6. No control sharing (Disqualification):

Strictly no control sharing. Only when there is one more or team mates disconnects, then you can share the control of that player(s)' hero. However, you cannot take, pass or sell that hero's item(s).

Penalties Awarded:

Warning : After warning is given games goes on. If three warnings are accumulated then the team will be ejected from the tournament upon receiving the third warning.

Game Loss: Game loss given to a team mean the team loses the current game no matter what is the result of that game. A win would be awarded to opponent instead.

Disqualifications: A team disqualified will be ejected from the tournament. They will not be able to continue further in the current event.


Any team members who intentionally drop out of the game might cause that member's team to be given a game loss for that game. Appeal can be made but decision by the referee will be final.

If the game hangs, do not change anything and leave the screen as it is. Pause the game and notify the referee immediately.

If any players are disconnected within 10 minutes after game starts then the game has to restart.

If any players are disconnected 10 min after game starts then the game will continue.

If all players' systems hang or the game cannot continue because the majority of the players within the same game experience a game hang, the referee can decide to restart the game or award a win to either team.

Game crashes/Fatal error:

In the times of a game crash/fatal error, the referee's decision will be final. If the participant has any problems regarding the decision made by the referee, he/she can file a report to the organizers and it will be reviewed by the staff and referees.

At the 60th minute mark, the game will be saved once for a back up save game.

Any game crash after 90 minutes will not be continued anymore and a decision will be made by the marshal of that match based on the replay of that match.

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